Coach Porter 

When people hear the words Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), most probably think of a wrestling mat

surrounded by fencing where modern-day gladiators clash in a war-like contest of strength and skill.

However, one man has been changing the perception of the sport for over two decades. Coach Jason

Porter began paving the way for MMA before most people even understood what it was. In doing so, he

has changed his students lives for the better and continues to prove that MMA is not a sport of brutality,

it’s an ever-expanding vehicle towards self-empowerment and confidence that can be enjoyed by

anyone, regardless of the self-imposed barriers they have placed upon themselves.

You may know Jason Porter as a father, grandfather, Coach, friend, neighbor, singer-songwriter,

musician, entrepreneur, mentor, promoter, philanthropist, engineer, or perhaps you are just getting to

know him. He is the owner of Porter Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness and has been coaching martial

arts for 20+ years and training in martial arts for 40+ years. Coach Porter starting training in martial arts at an early age and quickly gravitated towards MMA (known at the time as Cross-training). MMA is not new, MMA has been around for 1000s of years and most, if not all, systems of martial arts are mixed systems. Today MMA, as most people know it, just has a new definition, look, and goal, but MMA itself has been around since the beginning of martial arts. Coach’s thirst for wanting to know the “why” of different aspects of martial arts and different styles of martial arts was instilled in him by his mentor and first martial arts instructor Sensei Steve Wren.


Sensei Wren’s guidance combined with Jason’s ability to look at martial arts through the lens of an

engineer/scientist paved the way for many years of technique, philosophy and concept study and his in-

depth understanding of martial arts. Other instructors such as Sensei Lupole, Sensei Wright and many

others helped him foster this approach and led him to study and train in 20+ systems of martial arts over

the years. Years of training in various systems and analyzing techniques and concepts and his ability to

conceptualize has allowed Coach Porter to “trim the fat” and develop a number of very effective and

efficient of martial arts systems that he has taught to 10s of 1000s of students over the last 20+ years.

Each system has its own unique focus, but also share some common concepts, philosophies and


Freestyle Kickboxing is designed to focus primarily on the standing arts with sport being the

primary focus. However, Freestyle Kickboxing also teaches the student to get “off the ground”

and back to standing where they can use their effective arsenal of kicking, punching and

trapping techniques. Although designed for sport, Freestyle Kickboxing is a very effective street

defense system.Power of One MMA is a system he designed to focus on kicking, punching, trapping, standing grappling, split range and ground grappling/striking. This system was designed with sport in

mind. However, it too is a very effective form of street defense.Mugen Ryu Karate means “limitless system of empty hand,” it is an American style of karate rooted in traditional Japanese karate and is a very practical system of street defense


Jissen Goshin Jutsu translated, this means, “street defense technique.” This system is designed

to teach the student attributes that will better their abilities in all ranges of combat as well as

prepare them for handling any street scenario. Areas covered in this system include, but are not

limited to, the following: learning situational awareness and how to avoid potentially harmful

situations, how to de-escalate a situation, and how to defend oneself in a variety of realistic

street-defense situations. PowerFIT combines a fun, calorie burning, body-toning fitness system with diet and nutrition understanding. The primary goal of this system is to help students make a positive change in their lives by increasing their health and fitness levels. Students will be instructed on proper

MMA techniques, including boxing and kickboxing, as well as many types of cutting- edge fitness

training techniques.

Coach Porter opened New York State’s first MMA school over 20 years ago. After earning his master’s

degree in Spatial Analytics from Binghamton University, he opened The International Academy of

Martial Arts. In later years, he expanded his MMA reach by opening Power of One Sport MMA and

Fitness (aka Five Element Sport MMA and Fitness). With five active schools, Coach was able to spread

the positive benefits of martial arts to 1000s of students. In addition, Jason founded Art of Combat

Promotions and promoted the first MMA event in New York State, opening the field of MMA and

Kickboxing competition to individuals from across the country. Known for his fair and safe competitor

first approach to promotions, he was able to provide an outlet for amateur athletes that set competition

as their goal in the martial arts.

During this time, Coach also founded BusinessFIT Solutions. His company would provide on-site fitness

programs for employees at various companies, again, further working towards expanding the positive

aspects of martial arts training. Providing the employee with effective fitness programs and the

company with metrics to prove the impact a healthy lifestyle has on the overall productivity of the

company. Proving a healthy employee is a happier, more productive employee.To further expand the positive reach of martial arts, Coach Porter started the PRIDE Program. This was a program designed for school age children and taught in various schools and universities. The PRIDE Program used martial arts as the vehicle for teaching children to stop and think about how their body language, tone of voice and overall approach can impact themselves and those around them. The results of these programs were astounding. Combining exercise with character awareness education, The PRIDE Program (Positivity-Respect-Integrity-Discipline-Empathy) had fantastic results.

Porter practices what he preaches, he uplifts students, and perhaps his most profound accomplishments

can be found in his ability to change lives. Students of Coach Porter develop an in depth understanding

of martial arts techniques and concepts. Coach provides a strong base to build from but also goes at a

pace that is comfortable for students, regardless of the rank they hold. He goes above and beyond to

assure his students get the most of out their training experience. Coach takes great pride in coaching and mentoring individuals. It brings him great joy to see his students realize their potential and fulfill their goals. Through the Porter Academy of Martial Arts he wants to continue to spread the positive aspects of the martial arts and show anyone that they can participate and become stronger mentally and physically.


He leads confidently and graciously, always encouraging students to branch out and find new ways to

use their knowledge and training. The systems he has developed are “living, breathing” systems. Coach

encourages his upper rank students to add to the systems, to continue to refine and grow each system.

Ultimately, Coach Porter influences his students to aim high with good intentions, walk through life with

confidence, utilizing their potential, setting goals and implementing the steps to achieve them, control

their future, live life to the fullest, be self-reflective, and protect themselves, their loved ones, and those

that can’t protect themselves. Leave a positive impact, create your own legacy.


“Believe in the power of self and all of your goals will be attained”,-  Coach Jason Porter