The concept behind the PRIDE program was developed by Jason Porter.  Jason is a lifelong martial artist having studied some aspect of martial arts for 40+ years.  He is owner and Chief Instructor at The Porter Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness, the supporting school for the PRIDE program.  Jason has always had a connection to the martial arts and approached the study of martial arts from a scientific perspective.  This approach and his never-ending thirst to learn the philosophies, concepts, and techniques of other martial styles have led him on a fantastic journey.  Combine this strong love of the martial arts with his passion for teaching others and his passion for helping youth attain their goals and you have the birth of the PRIDE program.  During his many years of teaching martial arts, he has coached many individuals of all ages.  He has coached at-risk teens, ADD/ADHD children, children and adults with many different physical, emotional, and mental handicaps, college students, blue-collar, white-collar, professional fighters, former Olympians, and many others.  However, the one group of people he felt most connected to were the kids. 

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 Positivity. Respect. Integrity. Discipline. Empathy.


 is the understanding that your actions and words can affect the feelings of others.  It is putting your-self in somebody else’s shoes to understand what they are going through and how they feel.  Empathy is the ability to understand that when you treat someone badly it can be upsetting to them and cause emotional or physical damage.     The children learn empathy for one another through the Coach’s Circle in which students share their experiences and thoughts with one another.

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What you habitually think largely determines what you ultimately become." 


- Bruce Lee