Coach's Message

At Porter Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness  we are about positively changing lives and benefiting our community. Porter Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness was founded for the sole purpose of introducing individuals to the life changing benefits of training in Martial Arts.  To allow the program to work properly you must submerge yourself in it. 


Take advantage of all that the program has to offer, and you WILL achieve all of your goals. This is not a theory, this is not wishful thinking.  This is a fact. My fellow Coaches and I have witnessed firsthand how life changing it can be.  There isn’t a single day that I’m not reminded of this. 

Our training will help you to achieve things in your martial arts, work, and personal life that you didn’t think possible.  With 30+ years of training in some aspect of martial arts and the last 20+ as a Chief Instructor and school owner I have seen commonalities between those that have used it to positively change their lives on a permanent basis. 


You don’t have to be in shape to start training.  I’ve heard numerous times, “I’m going to start working out once I get in shape.”  At Porter Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness we have implemented beginner classes that address just that.  We realize that most people that come to train have not worked out regularly for a long time, in most cases, years.  That’s ok.  The beginner classes are designed to ease individuals into the workout.  You will feel a difference in how you feel after your very first class. 


However, plan on it taking you 4-6 weeks to feel a difference that is maintained throughout your entire day.  You will feel an increase in energy and stamina in your daily life, including your workout.  There is no longer a need to worry about finding a training partner or whether or not your workout is going to pay off.  You know when you show up to the Porter Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness that you will have a training partner and a structured class led by very knowledgeable instructors that have a system that is proven to work.  


​Believe in yourself! I have seen the inner strength of the human spirit; I know what it’s capable of and anyone can do it.  The first step is the hardest, but you will learn to walk and eventually you will run. Our team is here to help, to support, to guide and by following these key rules you will achieve each and every goal you set for yourself.

Make the decision to make a change!

Coach Porter

Owner & Chief Instructor

Porter Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness